Oh my SEO

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is for sure one of the most valuable tactics in a digital marketing strategy.

But how does it actually work during the fast moving ecommerce environment?

I could say that SEO is the core element of any ecommerce entity. In terms of a traditional store, it would be the brick and the mortar. Its purpose is to determine the whole digital presence of a business.

As the global ecommerce industry continues to grow ($786.2B by 2026 as per Global Industry Analyst) the competition between businesses is following accordingly.
So, the advantage of a business having an implemented ecommerce digital marketing strategy* could be a unique & agile content marketing plan. The key point here is to explain why a customer should prefer our brand instead of the competitor’s.

*49% of businesses are active in digital marketing but do not have a digital marketing strategy.

And SEO is what they should start from.


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