How & Why Digital Marketing works

People often ask how we grow online sales by using digital marketing tools. And where we’ve learned to use them.

The actual thing is that the whole market grew to such an extent during Pandemic, that it became mandatory for businesses to participate accordingly and implement e-commerce channels in their advertising strategy.

Yes, it is true that Digital Marketing entered our reality before pandemic and started becoming a core operation of anyone having e-Commerce activity.

But, its actual potential was shown during Pandemic because it became a life-saver for several businesses (both big & small).

The whole online advertising sector (as opposed to the traditional offline) gained so much traffic during the pandemic that it enabled small businesses to compete and grow more efficiently.

So the answer is:

We are not magicians or digital Evangelists. We just apply Marketing skills in a fast growing digital environment. And we ”try & error” every day to learn.


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