Let’s talk about Influence

Influencing has entered our life before Social Media did. I still remember famous football stars advertising products in order to influence their fans and generate value to their sponsors. 

When Social Media became our everyday means of communication, the model of influencing changed radically. I’m sure that you all know the meaning of ‘’Giveaway’’. 

Actually, the whole influencing value has grown to such an extent that it has become a job position for people having a big amount of followers in social media. We all know at least one ‘’Influencer’’, ‘’Blogger’’ or a ‘’TikToker’’.

Therefore, other businesses have grown offering them page(or post) likes or followers purchases. Which sometimes mispresent the core meaning of using this kind of Advertising Model. 

But, does the whole Marketing process impact the ‘’Social’’ part of the Media in a positive way? I can’t say that for sure. 

To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of successful Influencer campaigns for Branding or Marketing purposes, not having a positive impact on the Society. (ex Gambling Companies) 

So, should we start talking about Impact rather than Influence? 



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