Credibility & Trust

People choose brands they trust. But how do small businesses with ecommerce activity convince their potential customers to choose them for the first time? Is that easy? 

Well, it’s difficult for people to trust something they have never seen before, but it depends. They are afraid to purchase expensive goods online, especially from brands they don’t know. So, in this case  the core of the online advertising strategy should be about introducing ourselves (who we are & what we do) and then applying marketing tactics like a ‘’welcome offer’’. Or a 30-day refund after sales. 

Therefore, it’s really important to include ‘’cheaper’’ goods in our collection so as to minimize the consumer fear coming from lack of trust. Well known product brands would help also to fill the credibility gap.  

For instance, for an eshop that sells motorcycles & gear, it’s important to also include accessories that could be sold more easily online.

This tactic, followed by a solid after-sales service, is working well in terms of trust because consumers connect their bigger need for that kind of product and start following the brand.

In terms of brand identity, it’s crucial to have a well structured ‘’about us’’ page & some customer testimonials. It could work well in terms of credibility. 

As we say in Greece: Rome wasn’t built in one day. 

So, trust the process. 

(Written by human)



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