It is true that businesses are investing more & more (and year/year) on digital marketing. Also, it is safer than ever to say that it became a solid and independent advertising channel.

Additionally, in many cases, it delivers value to businesses more efficiently than traditional marketing channels such as Radio & TV. 

But what comes in terms of budgeting? Does increasing your budget mean that you’ll increase sales & revenue? 

It depends, but no. 

It depends because increasing budget unlocks more marketing techniques and if they’re being used strategically, for instance you can boost the already existing channels with a more-likely-to-convert audience. Or invest in the optimal quality of content. 

No, because increasing just the budget without taking into account the soft metrics and the whole optimization of your campaigns, won’t make your long lasting campaigns prosperous. 

Sure thing: Almost 5 years in the game of Digital Marketing and I can say that there’s no case without ‘’budget issues’’. 

Plot twist 1: Don’t always trust the platforms’ optimization indexes.

Plot twist 2: Small businesses with deep ecommerce knowledge and a well-distributed budget outcome bigger businesses with huge budgets and lower ecommerce knowledge.

Invest in knowledge. 


(written by human)



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